2018 Election Analysis ~ Kentucky General Assembly

Here is our team’s quick take from the Kentucky General Assembly’s 2018 Election Results.

Kentucky State House Overview

The blue wave was not present in Kentucky’s 2018 election. Republicans held their supermajority in the House, with just one net loss from 62 to 61 seats.

Several Republican incumbents lost, but the western Kentucky delegation who were projected to be in tough races (Prunty, Reed, Thomas, Miles) maintained their seats with comfortable margins. These 4 and Bobby McCool – who also won a tight race – were among those that greeted President Trump on the tarmac for his rally in Kentucky for Congressman Andy Barr, a powerful picture for each to use.

One notable statistic is the number of women among the freshman class. Kentucky has long been among the bottom in the nation for its percentage of women legislators, but with two-fifths (or 13 of 32) of new members being women, the state may increase its standing.

By the numbers:

32 total new members of the House

Two are previous House members Cluster Howard and Jim Glenn

13 of 32 new members are women, including one who is the first Indian American to serve in Ky’s legislature14 seats flipped from D to R or R to D.

37 of 51 teachers lost their race, despite the teacher rallying cry “Remember in November.”

There were several significant wins, including Travis Brenda, who defeated Majority Floor Leader Jonathan Shell in the primary.

8 incumbents lost their race:

Jill York (R-Grayson) def. by Kathy Hinkle

DJ Johnson (R-Owensboro) def. by Jim Glenn [re-match]

Jeff Greer (D-Brandenburg) def. by Nancy Tate

Toby Herald (R-Beattyville) def. by Cluster Howard [re-match]

Phil Moffett (R-Louisville) def. by Tina Bojanowski

Fleming (R-Louisville) def. by Maria Sorolis

Linda Belcher (D-Shepherdsville) def. by Thomas Huff

Larry Brown (R-Prestonsburg) def. by Ashley Laferty

4 races were decided by 10 or fewer votes including:

Jim Glenn +1 vote (!) against DJ Johnson

Nancy Tate + 6 votes against Jeff Greer


Kentucky State Senate Overview

The Senate is now two-thirds Republican with 29 R’s, the most ever in Kentucky’s history.

Only 9 Democrats remain in the Senate. There will be a special election to fill Senate Minority Floor Leader Ray Jones’ seat, as he won his race for Judge Executive.

Robby Mills defeated incumbent Dorsey Ridley by a slim margin 51%-49%, while Castlen’s 58%-42% victory over newcomer Bob Glenn was more decisive.

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