Happy MLK day! With 8 down, 52 working days remain in the 2018 Kentucky General Assembly that must finish this year by April 15.

Here’s a look at what’s coming up

TomorrowJanuary 16 Governor Bevin gives the State of the State to a Joint Session. Bevin may live stream from Facebook, or you can watch online via KET.

Also tomorrow, the Legislative Ethics Commission meets to review ethics charges against four House members.

January 30 is the filing deadline for candidates running in the May Primary. All House and 19 Senate seats are up.

January 31 is the deadline to register for the Governor’s Prayer Breakfast on February 6th at Alltech Arena.

Week in Review January 8-12

On Monday, Jeff Hoover (R-Jamestown) resigned his role as Speaker. Speaker Pro Tem David Osborne (R-Prospect) is now presiding over the House. There was much controversy leading up to this move.

By a vote of 90-0, there was a House rule change to end the committee created to investigate the six counts against Representative Hoover. The Legislative Ethics Commission will continue to review the charges against Hoover and three other House members.

We ended the week with a major announcement from Governor Bevin, Cabinet for Health and Family Services (CHFS), and Economic Development. Kentucky was the first state to have an 1115 waiver approved by the federal government, allowing for new approaches to Medicaid. In sum, Medicaid recipients who are “able-bodied” and not presently employed will either work or do volunteer work in order to receive health benefits paid by Medicaid. Trump announced the change in rules, then Bevin announced the change in Kentucky. National media pictured Governor Bevin with President Trump in the Roosevelt Room of the White House.


#KYGA18 is still proving to be filled with challenging, 2018 is filled with once in a generation issues. So far, the legislature has not attempted to tackle the Pension crisis. However, several bills have passed through the Senate.

After two years of hard work on an important bipartisan issue, Senator Whitney Westerfield (R-Hopkinsville) led the Senate passage of SB3 “Marsy’s Law” is an effort to get a statewide amendment voted on the November ballot adding victims rights to the 1891 state constitution. The bill will head to the House next.

Senator Chris McDaniel (R-Taylor Mill) is proposing SB4, which would allow voters a chance to amend the Kentucky constitution that would align statewide elections to be held in even number years instead of odd. This passed the Senate this week with a 24-11 vote. McDaniel said, “I can’t imagine anything more democratic or bipartisan in wanting to save money, make elections easier, and improve voter participation.”

Senator Julie Raque Adams (R-Louisville) successfully passed SB7 through the Senate. This bill would establish the Kentucky Rare Disease Advisory Council and Trust Fund.

Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes teamed up with Rep. John Sims (D-Flemingsburg) to file HB166 which is a medical marijuana bill. We expect medical marijuana as the subject for at least two other proposals.


The Session Calendar and the Committee Schedule are great to bookmark. We’ll monitor Committees for you as bills pertaining to your issue come through.

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